CSG’s Vietnam Vinh Tan Company awarded prizes for quality construction

The Vinh Tan 1 Power Company Ltd. (Vietnam Vinh Tan Company), a subsidiary of CSG International Co. Ltd., was awarded the High Quality Construction Prize by Vietnam's Ministry of Construction. As the highest honor of the quality of engineering construction in the field of construction engineering in Vietnam, the prize is awarded to the best construction projects in Vietnams various industries. This is the first power project for a Chinese company to receive this honor in Vietnam.

 Vietnam Vinh Tan Company is awarded the High Quality Construction Prize by Vietnam's Ministry of Construction

After three and a half years of construction, the Vinh Tan 1 Thermal Power Plant BOT project was put into commercial operation on Nov. 27, 2018, 200 days ahead of the contractual schedule, setting a record for the fastest construction of the same type of unit in Vietnam. While ensuring safety and quality, the project meets the goal of building an advanced, reliable, and green demonstration power plant with high standards. It has been highly recognized and praised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction and the countrys acceptance commission.

Photo shows staff members of Vietnam Vinh Tan Company that builds an advanced,

reliable, and green demonstration power plant with high standards.

Photo shows staff members of Vietnam Vinh Tan Company.

Entering the operation period, the two power units of the project have generated power in a safe, stable manner with high load. The power plant generated 8.686 billion kWh and 8.592 billion kWh of electricity in the first and second contract years, respectively, winning the award of excellence in operation by the Vietnam Electricity (EVN) for two consecutive years. At present, the project has entered its third contract year of the 25-year concession period. As of Jan. 16, 2021, the cumulative power generation has reached 20 billion kWh, making an important contribution to alleviating the power shortage in southern Vietnam and becoming a model of the China-Vietnam cooperation, the Lancang-Mekong cooperation and the Belt and Road cooperation.

Photo shows staff members of Photo Vietnam Vinh Tan Company

 working to maintain high-load and stable operation of the power generation units.

Adhering to an approach of serving the local economic and social development, Vietnam Vinh Tan Company has actively integrated into the local community. It has provided the locals with thousands of job opportunities during the construction period and more than 600 long-term jobs during the operation period, and cultivated a large number of talents in technology and management for the local community. The company pays taxes in accordance with the local law, and has paid more than $60 million in taxes in the first two contract years of the operation period. The company has also carried out social welfare undertakings such as donating funds for schools and building cultural activity rooms. The companys accumulated donation has exceeded $250,000, delivering tangible benefits to local people.

Photo shows Vietnam Vinh Tan Company donating to support the reconstruction of traffic roads in Vinh Tan Commune,

 Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.

Photo shows an award for contribution to local social economy in 2020 conferred to Vietnam Vinh Tan Company.

The project is committed to building a cross-country, cross-cultural, and cross-enterprise platform, promoting cross-cultural exchanges and blending, telling the companys stories and showing the image of Chinese central enterprises. It has thus promoted cultural exchanges and integration between China and Vietnam and advanced the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. The projects investors and constructors also co-compiled the Vietnamese-Chinese-English Coal-Fired Power Plant Technology Lexicon, which has bridged the gap in professional technical tools for coal-fired power in power cooperation between China and Vietnam.

Photo shows the Vietnamese-Chinese-English dictionary to strengthen China-Vietnam power cooperation.

The award is the Vietnamese governments recognition of the BOT project, which will inspire Vietnam Vinh Tan Company to continue to forge ahead, well manage the power plant’s operation and maintenance, and ensure the long-term, safe and reliable operation of the units. The company will also continue to build the project into a landmark project, a heart-winning project and a boutique project for practical cooperation between China and Vietnam, and contribute to the friendship between the two countries.